Welcome to Reiki Healing by Christie Anne

Hi, I’m Christie Anne. I currently work with patients as a Lab Tech/ Laser and Ultrasound Tech. I also provide advanced Reiki treatments and teach Reiki classes at a local Reiki Studio located at

 34 Water Street, Suite 5
Excelsior, MN  55331

Being a Reiki Master/ Teacher Level 4 I’am very passionate about providing energy healing services to help ease emotional and physical trauma, stress and anxiety. I also enjoy giving  holistic anti-aging treatments for the face and body utilizing essential oils, crystal’s and reiki energy for cellular renewal and also to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and reduce face and body stress. I provide in person Reiki sessions in combination with high vibrational music to clear negative energy for deep healing, relaxation and emotional well-being. I also provide distance healing sessions across the world. I enjoy teaching basic, intermediate and advanced Reiki practices to new students and the healthcare community.
I love to share food ideas to coordinate with our chakras for more energy and vitality. I also enjoy living a healthy and balanced lifestyle through meditation, yoga            and a positive thought process.               spiritofreikihealing@gmail.com.